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I’ve been fortunate to grow up playing with Alex for over 10 years now, playing many of our first gigs together and making our first trips to New York and Europe together.

Once while discussing approaches and concepts to playing he said that his approach was less as a soloist and more as a supportive role to make the rest of the band feel and sound better. That’s exactly what Alex brings to the band stand, great sound, great feel and a great vibe.

Here’s his top 5 musicians on the Double Bass:

Ray Brown

Paul Chambers

Charlie Haden

Larry Grenadier

Kees Boersma

I think that is ‘the list’ at this point in my life. The first three represent my first major influences on the bass and as musicians, a list which is probably very similar to most modern jazz bassists. The remaining two are bassists who are very much alive and whom have explicitly shaped the way I think, feel and approach music and the bass. The first thing I think of when I see this list is SOUND!

Alex. (Jan 2010)




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