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Hey Guys,

Beginning of May I was fortunate to be invited by bassist Lyndon Gray to come down to Adelaide to perform a few gigs at COMA and La Boheme. I had a fantastic time and got to play with some really great musicians including Dan Clohesy – with whom I recorded an album of octet music back in January.

I was promoting The Dilworths’ album and performing music with two bands while I was in town. I was very excited for my first experience of stepping of the plane and driving straight to the gig, meeting the band for the first time and then performing my compositions. They played the tunes really well and I has such a blast playing with them.

The Monday night was at COMA with Dan Clohesy, Lyndon Gray and Stephen Neville and Wednesday night with some of the teachers from the Adelaide Conservatorium – Chris Soole, Chris Martin, Lyndon Gray and Kevin Van Der Zwaag.

Some pictures were posted of the Monday night gig in which you can view here and a few in the slideshow below.

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E. Dilla


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In January I was involved in a recording session (see previous posting) with some of the best under 25 y.o musicians around.
Spearheading the project was pianist Harry Sutherland and the feature musician for this profile – Dan Clohesy.
He hails from Adelaide and in 2009 he won the James Morrison Generations In Jazz Scholarship.
Not yet 18 and already a phenomenal player.
What knocked me out though was the compositions written and arranged for his 8 piece ensemble. Mature and through composed, creating great grooves and contexts for the soloist to play with.
Hopefully you’ll get a chance to hear them when they are released later this year.

You can check him out at Myspace and Youtube.

Here’s his response to my questions.

1. Favourite/Most influential Jazz Musician?

Mark Turner probably my favourite saxophonist right now.

Kurt Rosenwinkel is probably my favourite musician – his music has had a huge impact on my writing and improvisation.

Chris Potter is just totally hardcore, listen to ‘Follow the Red Line’; amazing – awesome solos and awesome tunes.

Maria Schneider has had a huge influence on approach to harmony in mycompositions. Her website is real cool; you can buy the scores for all of her albums and check out how she voices and harmonises stuff.

I’m also into what Radiohead has been doing. Lately I’ve been programming beats and synths with Ableton Live on my MacBook and using it in the studio with my band ‘Cactus’. I love the sound of acoustic drums and electronic drums in unison – thats what Radiohead have been doing. There’s also a sweet German band called Tied & Tickled Trio that have been doing a similar thing.

2. Favourite/Most Influential Australian Musician?

Barney McAll without a doubt. His albums ‘Mother Of Dreams & Secrets’ and ‘Flashbacks’ inspired me start a large ensemble project. Harry Sutherland (Sydney-based pianist; GIJ Finalist 2008 & 2009) & I organised an eight piece band of Sydney and Adelaide musicians to record our compositions.We’ve just finished recording the album and it has been amazing.

3. All time favourite album?

ARTIST: Sylent Running (Feat. Barney McAll)

ALBUM: Empathy Chip

Check it out! http://sylentrunning.bandcamp.com/

ARTIST: Kurt Rosenwinkel

ALBUM: Heartcore

ARTIST: Chris Potter
ALBUM: Follow The Red Line

ARTIST: Radiohead

4. Best live gig you’ve seen?

a) Julien Wilson & Jim Black Live at the Melbourne International JazzFestival 2009

c) Barney McAll’s ‘Sylent Running’ at the 2009 Wangarrata Jazz Festival.

The first time I had heard Barney McAll live, what an awesome musician! So was the singer Gian Slater.

Jim Black is amazing – probably the coolest drummer I have ever heard!

b) Jamie Oehlers, Paul Grabowsky & Tim Firth “Lost And Found” in Adelaide.
Paul was playing wild Nord Electro. This was the best I’ve ever heard Jamie Oehlers play, off the hook.

5. What are you working on right now?

I just finished recording two albums, one with my band ‘Cactus’ and another with an eight piece collective put together by myself and Harry Sutherland. I’ve had an awesome time recording both albums and am really excited about what we’ve been able to produce. Once production is complete, the albums will be available on iTunes.


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I’ve just got back from 2 great days in the studio.
Yesterday The Dilworths went into the ABC and recorded a Live set for ABCJazz for digital radio that’ll get played later this year.
Today was a day at Morrison studios with an 8 piece ensemble lead by two amazing young players – Tenor Saxophonist Dan Clohesy and pianist Harry Sutherland. Man these guys can not only play like mofos but also write some serious music. Great tunes and arrangements and it was such a pleasure to be invited to get involved with such amazing musicians.
John Morrison once again was super supportive in the studio (as when he recorded the Dilworths).
The octet is a new project and features some of the best up and coming guys – guitarist Carl Morgan, trombonist Jimmy Bowman, alto saxophonist Ross Harrington, fellow Dilworther Alex Boneham, Drummer James Jennings and Matt Collins (great lead chops!).

Check out their sites:




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