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Fun in Armidale with Thunderbolt

I recently asked a few friends who their main influences are on their instrument so I could post on this website.

I’ve been fortunate enough to play with Paul on several occasions over the last 2 years now and he’s one of my favourite drummers to play with. He’s extra proactive at organising playing opportunities and always brings a fun but still focused vibe to the bandstand.

The picture above is from a tour to Armidale last November while we were killing time between gigs.

Here’s what he wrote:

Tony Williams

Andy Gander

Danny Carey

Virgil Donati

“Weird list but that’s it. These guys have all inspired me to do different musical things but they all inspire me with their commitment to their music and constant search.”

Paul Derricott a.k.a Thunderbolt (Dec. 09)




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