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Steve Barry hails from New Zealand and since moving to Sydney in March 2009 to study at the Sydney Conservatorium he has played with Dale Barlow, James Muller, Roger Manins and George Coleman Junior. He’s also played Thredbo and Manly Jazz Festivals, and toured New Caledonia with Dale Barlow, Brendan Clarke and George Coleman Jnr (USA).

I’ve been fortunate to be able to play with Steve almost every week, and at one point we were playing everyday for about 3 months. We’ve both really been into playing bebop heads in unfamiliar keys and odd time signatures for fun. He’s always inspired me to work harder, and until I met Carl Morgan I hadnt met someone so disciplined in developing such a high level of craft. He’s one of my best mates and I think he’s absolutely worth checking out live.

He leads a great trio with Dilworthers Alex Boneham and Cameron Reid.

Oscar Peterson
Keith Jarrett
Herbie Hancock
Brad Mehldau
Bill Evans

I got into playing through Oscar Peterson, one of the first albums I ever bought was the Sound of the Trio with Ray and Ed. As far as feel and chops go in that style no one beats Oscar. Keith was my second big influence, I go back to him all the time and still can’t get over his seemingly inexhaustible depth of ideas. Herbie took things to another level melodically, especially those 60’s albums and with Miles. Brad’s different again. Bill Evans I could never really get into until recently and I’m just realising just what a harmonic genius he was. The main thing for me is feel, and these 5 guys sure as hell have it!

Steve Barry (Jan 2010)

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