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For this weeks musician profile I thought it’d be great to hear from a guitarist Steve Barry introduced to me from New Zealand. He’s 20 years old and currently resides in New Zealand. We got together last year for a play with Steve and Evan Mannell and man this guy can play! I hear he’s planning to move to Sydney sometime and hopefully I can get some video’s up too.

1. Favourite/Most influential Jazz Musician?

John Coltrane. The first Jazz records I owned were Blue Train and Kind of Blue. I’ve always loved his playing even though I didn’t (and in a lot of cases still don’t) understand what he was doing. I think the power and the emotional intensity of his playing communicate with the listener on a different level. At the moment I’m really into Coltrane’s Sound and Bye Bye Blackbird.

2. Favourite/Most Influential Australian Musician?

James Muller – James did a workshop and some gigs in Auckland in November last year and as usual just blew my mind with his mastery of so many different aspects of both the guitar and of music in general. Getting to see him play with Roger Manins was such a treat.. I wish those two could play together more often. Roger is another guy who just has this amazing mastery not only of his instrument, but of the history as well. We’re very lucky to have him here!

3. All time favourite album?
Probably Kurt Rosenwinkel’s Deep Song. A great guitarist in Auckland called Dixon Nacey (anyone who’s over here should check him out!) showed me this album back in 2006 I think. It was the first time I heard Kurt and it blew me away. I’d never heard anything like it before. I’ve got a lot of mileage out of that record, for both listening and playing, and I still keep coming back to it and hearing new things. The line-up is great too, I think it was probably my introduction to Brad Mehldau as well.

4. Best live gig you’ve seen?
It’d have to be either John Scofield with the Muller trio at Wang in 08, or Kurt Rosenwinkel’s solo gig, also at Wang in 07.
Kurt’s control over the instrument was unbelievable. It was great to hear him playing standards, his chord melody and reharm ideas are amazing!

5. What are you working on right now?

I’ve been trying to learn some of the heads that Tristano and that group were writing, I really like the rhythmic ideas they were using, so I’ve been finding different ways to use those ideas… Also, finding ways to make those lines sit nicely on the guitar can be very challenging, so sometimes you have to be creative when finding the best way to play them.

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